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Panettone Artisanal Classic

900 g


Among the most popular holiday desserts of our online patisserie, the Artisanal Panettone with candied fruit comes from a traditional recipe, where eggs from free-range hens and honey from exclusively Italian beekeeping are combined with a golden and fragrant dough . A preparation based on mother yeast which, after more than 24 hours of leavening, infuses the classic artisan Panettone with a soft and digestible soul. To preserve the precious heart dotted with candied Calabrian Navel oranges, the Christmas cake is wrapped in a shell of glaze of almonds and whole almonds, which give a light crunchiness contrasted with a soft 100% artisan cloud.


The Panettone is a naturally leavened delight, according to recipes handed down for two generations in our pastry shop. To make the most of its fragrant and light dough, we recommend serving it at room temperature, accompanying it with classic creams or with tasty spreads such as our handcrafted pistachio and hazelnut creams.


Soft wheat flour type "00", soft wheat flour type "2" with wheat germ, butter, water, sugar, eggs, honey, dried wheat mother yeast, powdered milk, salt, flavorings. Filling: Candied fruit (Calabrian Navel Orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup). Glazing: Sugar, rice flour, egg white, apricot almonds, vegetable fat, flavorings, whole almonds, granulated sugar.


Energy 1578 kJ 376 kcal Fats 16 g of which saturated fats 8.2 g Carbohydrates 51 g of which sugars 25 g Fibers 1.3 g Proteins 6.4 g Salt 0.60 g


The mother yeast contained within our Panettone artisan offers greater freshness and durability. To better maintain the taste and aroma properties of the Panettone with candied fruit, keep the traditional Christmas dessert in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, away from light.

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