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Terms and Conditions

premise that

This website www.giacomazzi1968.it is owned by Giacomazzi Srl, with registered office in Parma, via Bruno Buozzi n. 12/A, fiscal code and p. 00698570348, registered in the Parma companies register with REA PR - 158331, and is dedicated to the retail sale of bread, derivatives, sweets and various foodstuffs. The Website is designed, built and managed by Giacomazzi Srl and allows Users (as defined below) to:

view the Products (as defined below) that can be purchased through the Website;
select the products they intend to purchase, available for purchase;
use="" the="" products'="" home="" transport="" service;<="" span="">
pay the amount due to Giacomazzi Srl for the purchase of the selected Products, according to the Service (as defined below) chosen.


terms="" and="" conditions="" of="" use<="" span="">
The use by the Website by each User, regardless of whether he-she<="" span=""> is a Visitor User, a Registered User or a Customer (as defined below), is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these T&C, even if the User does not use any of the Services or features available on the Website.

For the purposes of this agreement, the term "T&C" refers to the set of general rules governing the use of the Website and the Services, as well as to the special conditions governing the use of the individual Services, including any documents invoked by the latter or any other notes, legal notice, notice or disclaimer published on the Website. The privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy"), the "Help" section and any additional conditions listed in the various sections of the Website are to be considered an integral and substantial part of these T&C.

In the present T&C, in addition to the terms defined elsewhere, the following terms will have the meanings attributed next to each of them. In particular, it shall:

Products: products sold through the website to customers;
Service: it is understood individually or collectively any service and all the functions associated with it offered on the website both free of charge and for a fee and offered directly by the Company or by third parties with our contribution. The term "service" includes, in the absence of specifications, the website and all the services even paid, functions, and features that are offered within the website and that are still made available by users;
Website: this is the website accessible at giacomazzi1968.it. For clarity, it is specified that any reference to the "website" contained in these T&C includes all current or future versions of the website www.giacomazzi1968.it;
company:="" means="" giacomazzi="" srl;<="" span="">
Transporter: means the transport company or freelancer delegated/or to the transport of the products to the user;
User: the visitor or registered user is understood collectively and in any case anyone who uses or is about to use or use the services and/or the website;
Visitor User: means the user who browse the website and/or who uses the features and/or services made available to the general public without registering to the website;
Registered user: means the user who subscribes by providing personal information to obtain access to the use of the service accessible only after registration to the website.
change="" in="" t&c<="" span="">
The Company reserves the right at any time, as indicated below, to update, supplement and modify in whole or in part the terms of these T&C and each of the documents invoked by them, including the Privacy Policy, the Services and their characteristics, as well as, but not limited to, the fees for the use of the Services published therein.

The User undertakes to periodically view T&C, it is="" <="" span="">being understood that the Company will do what is reasonably necessary and appropriate to bring to the User’s knowledge, through the Website itself, any change in T&C and/or Services.

Changes to the T&C and/or the related Services will be effective from the time of publication on the Website and will be="" <="" span="">appl<="" span="">ied="" <="" span="">only to sales concluded later.

The replacement of the present T&C with a new version implies the automatic inapplicability, ineffective and irrelevant against Giacomazzi Srl of the same in relation to purchases made after their elimination from the Website and this also in the event that said T&C are still accessible to the public and/ or through other sites internet, different from the one above.

Changes and updates shall be deemed to be accepted by Users by connecting to the Website or using the Website after the change has been published on the Website.

If the User does not agree with the changes made, the same is invited not to use the Website and, if it is a Registered User, you can proceed to the cancellation of your account, by accessing the "Profile" section of the Website, clicking on "Account" and then "Delete Account".

age="" and="" residence<="" span="">
The Website and the Services offered are intended exclusively for Users resident in Italy and abroad who have reached the age of 18 years (eighteenth). The Service is provided automatically by computerized systems.

The User who intends to register or subscribe to the Service by registering and after selecting the Services guarantees to be of legal age, and that the personal data provided are truthful, correct, updated, referring to the person who inserts or inserted them with the consent of the third party, assuming all responsibility for the correctness and veracity of the information provided. Should there be any changes in the data provided by Users, it will be their responsibility to inform the Company of updates as soon as possible.

registration="" on="" the="" website<="" span="">
The Company reserves the right to allow, even temporarily, Visitor Users the use of the Service and access to certain areas normally reserved for Registered Users.

4.1. How to register on the Website

The User can choose to register by providing some personal information (hereinafter, the "Registration"), indicating a valid personal email address and creating their own personal account (hereinafter, the "Profile"), following the relevant registration procedure explained from time to time at the time of registration, to allow the Company to have a sufficient purchase profile to provide the Services. The creation and/or use of additional Profiles related to the family of already registered Users is not allowed.

Registered Users may access their Profile at any time to update or modify the data entered, including information relating to their preferences. It is understood that the Registered User will be solely responsible for the veracity and updating of this information.

4.2.="" e-mail<="" span="">

The Registered User undertakes to provide a personal e-mail address, which he guarantees to have legitimately and to which he accesses regularly. The Registered User also undertakes to promptly update their registered email address on the Profile in case of change. Profiles registered with the e-mail address belonging to persons other than the Registered User or with temporary e-mail addresses may be deleted by Giacomazzi Srl without notice. Giacomazzi Srl also reserves the right to validate individual accounts where Giacomazzi Srl has reason to believe that the e-mail addresses provided are not valid.

4.3.="" deletion="" of="" the="" profile<="" span="">

At any time, Registered Users can delete their Profile by accessing the "Profile" section of the Website, clicking on "Account" and then on "Delete Account".

products<="" span="">
5.1.="" offer="" to="" the="" public<="" span="">

All Products and prices indicated in the Services constitute an offer to the public with the limitations and methods contained in the Website itself and in these T&C.

5.2.="" layout="" and="" layout<="" span="">

The illustrative photographs of the Products are purely representative and have the sole purpose of presenting the Products. The Company consequently declines all liability and does not give any guarantee with reference to the correspondence of the graphic layout of the Products published on the Website and that of the Products delivered.

5.3.="" prices<="" span="">

All sales prices of the products displayed and indicated within the website www.giacomazzi1968.it and related property domains include VAT and any other taxes related to the product purchased.

The total cost of the shipment to the customer’s home is charged to the customer, unless otherwise agreed. Such eventual cost will in any case be announced to the customer before the confirmation of the purchase.

purchase="" of="" products<="" span="">
The Registered User, by connecting to the Website, can select the city of reference and the date chosen for the delivery of the shopping as well as view all the Products available for purchase, selecting those of your interest and adding them to the cart.

After the single expense the Registered User can:

check the Products added to the cart, the relative purchase price and the total cost of the single expense;
confirm="" your="" shipping="" and="" billing="" data;<="" span="">
choose="" the="" payment="" method="" among="" those="" available;<="" span="">
proceed with the purchase order by clicking on "Pay by Credit Card" or "Pay by Paypal", depending on the payment method chosen. In case of subsequent failure in the payment process, the purchase order will not be valid and will be immediately cancelled.
To send any communication we invite all users to visit the Contacts page of the portal and to send emails to the dedicated department according to their needs.

Giacomazzi srl is not responsible for any fraudulent and illicit use that may be made by third parties, credit cards, checks and other means of payment, at the time of payment of the products purchased. Giacomazzi Srl, in fact, at no time during the purchase procedure, is able to know the credit card number of the buyer who, through a secure connection and through the best channels of payonline, is transmitted directly to the manager of the banking service.

6.2 Acceptance of the purchase order

The acceptance by the Company of the purchase order entails the immediate charge of the amount of the expense according to the selected payment method.

Following the acceptance of the order, the customer will receive e-mail confirmation of the purchase with express indication of the summary of the products ordered and their prices and the general and special conditions applicable to the order.

For the shipment of products, Giacomazzi Srl will rely on specialized couriers and proven seriousness for the delivery of orders in Italy and abroad.

7.="" obligations="" of="" the="" user<="" span="">
The User undertakes not to use the Website and/or the related Services for any purpose that is illegal or not covered by these T&C. You may not use the Website or related Services in such a way as to harm or otherwise harm the Website or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Website by other Users of the Related Services.

The Registered User is required to retain access credentials to their Confidential Profile and is responsible for any use of the Website that is made by anyone accessing using their credentials. The Registered User undertakes in any case not to (i) use machines, algorithms, software or other automatic functions to generate page or material recall, (ii) not to generate page recall, by means of "chains of St. Anthony", e-mail or other means, through which a person or group of persons is required to consult a page and (iii) to notify the Company immediately in the event of a suspected security breach of its Profile.

8.="" limitations="" of="" liability<="" span="">
Any disputes relating to the execution of the Service may be raised, under penalty of forfeiture, within 48 (forty-eight) hours after delivery by writing to customercare@giacomazzi1968.it documenting the dispute with photographic material.

The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the inaccessibility of the Services arising from problems connected to the network, to providers or telephone and/or telematic connections that the same does not have control, failure and/or malfunction of the electronic equipment of the User or of the Company’s suppliers.

The Company assumes no liability for content created or published on third-party sites with which the Website has a hyperlink ("link"). The User who decides to visit a website linked to the Website does so at his own risk, assuming the burden of taking all necessary measures against viruses or other malware.

The Registered User acknowledges and accepts that sporadically may not be delivered all the Products indicated in the order sent and accepted by the Company. In this case, the Company shall promptly refund the amounts relating to the Products ordered and not delivered and shall not be held liable for any further loss and/or damage suffered due to non-delivery.

For each order placed Giacomazzi Srl will issue a receipt or, electronic invoice in case of explicit request as indicated in Paragraph 7.3. The data provided by the Registered User at the time of the order will be inserted in the relevant receipt/invoice, it being understood that no change will be possible following the issue of the receipt/invoice itself.

9.="" termination.="" termination="" of="" services<="" span="">
The Company reserves the right to delete the Profile and/or not to allow the User to access and use the Website and the Services or any part thereof, at any time and with immediate effect, in the event of a breach by the User of the obligations imposed on it pursuant to Articles 4.1 (Method of registration on the Website), 7 (Method of payment) and 10 (Obligations of the User). As for these Users, Giacomazzi Srl is authorized without prior notice to the cancellation of orders made and not yet delivered.

Access to the Website may also be temporarily interrupted in case of technical problems or to ensure its maintenance. Notice of such interruptions will be given if possible on the Website.

At any time, the Company may make improvements and/or changes to the Website and the Services if this is necessary for technical reasons or in order to comply with current legislation.

The Company also reserves the right to cease, in whole or in part, the provision of the Services at any time and with reasonable notice allowing delivery of confirmed orders. In such cases, the Company will promptly communicate to Registered Users and Customers and/or in general to Users, by e-mail and/or by notice on the Website.

10. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. suspension="" of="" services<="" span="">
The Company reserves the right to request additional information from the Customer or to send copies of documents demonstrating the ownership of the payment instruments used.

The Company reserves the right not to accept the purchase order and/or to terminate with immediate effect the obligations arising from these T&C as provided for in Article 12 (Termination. Termination of Services) in the event that the Customer does not provide the information and/or copies of documents demonstrating the ownership of the payment instruments used.

Under no circumstances may the Company be held liable for any fraudulent use of credit cards by third parties when paying for Products purchased on the Website/APP.

11.="" privacy="" policy<="" span="">
The Company will process the personal data of Users in compliance with the privacy legislation as defined in detail in the information on the processing of personal data, Privacy Policy, available in the respective section of the Website.

12.="" copyright<="" span="">
All the contents present within the portal of Giacomazzi Srl and relative domains of property are of exclusive property. images<="" span="">, documents, fonts, design elements, music, software, codes and format scripts="" are="" included<="" span="">. All the material published within the portal is protected by copyright.

It is forbidden any reproduction, distribution, publication, reproduction and alteration of the contents to present in the portal for commercial purposes, if not in the presence of express written consent by Giacomazzi Srl.

The use of any content contained within the portal, including trademarks, is prohibited for any other purpose other than the direct sale of advertising products within the site to end users.

13.="" applicable="" law.="" disputes<="" span="">
13.1.="" applicable="" law<="" span="">

These T&C, including the documents referred to therein, published on the Website and in general the relations between the Company and Users of the Website are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with it.

13.2.="" extra-judicial="" conciliation<="" span="">

Pursuant to Article 49 paragraph 1 letter V of D. Lgs. 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code), the Registered User can make use of the joint conciliation procedure (the "Joint Conciliation").

The procedure can be started if the Registered User, after having submitted a complaint to Giacomazzi Srl, within the 30-day deadline has not received a reply, or has received an answer not considered satisfactory by him-her<="" span="">.<="" span="">

The Registered User who decides to use the Joint Conciliation procedure is obliged to send the request to the address: centralino.cciaaparma@pr.camcom.it - Camera di Commercio di Parma, Via Giuseppe Verdi, 2, 43121 Parma PR.

13.3.="" further="" disputes<="" span="">

Any disputes related to and related to the use of the Website and the Services covered therein, which are not susceptible to a settlement through the Joint Conciliation procedure referred to in paragraph 16.2, are reserved to the Italian jurisdiction and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Parma.

Specific approval of the T&C pursuant to and for the effects of art. 1341 and 1342 cod. civ.

For the purposes of and for the effects referred to in art. 1341-1342 cod. civ. , the parties declare to have read and understood, and therefore to expressly approve the Articles: 2 (Variation of T&C), 4 (Registration to the Website/APP), 5 (Products), 6 (Purchase of products), 7 (Payment methods), 8 (Delivery of products), 9 (Right of withdrawal), 10 (User Obligations), 11 (Limitations of Liability), 12 (Termination. Termination of Services), 13 (Additional Information. Suspension of Services), 14 (Privacy Policy), 15 (Copyright), 16 (Applicable Law. Disputes).

With the issue of its authorization following the registration, therefore, the User fully and explicitly approves, without reservation, the aforementioned clauses and identified in part to the previous paragraph.