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Bauletto Classic

300 g


The classic bauletto is the ideal leavened cake for all periods of the year. The double natural leavening combined with carefully selected ingredients, such as free-range chicken eggs and fresh butter, makes the dough soft and highly digestible. The box is wrapped in a layer of almond icing and sugar grains, which gives a light crunchiness contrasted with the soft 100% artisan cloud.


The classic handcrafted trunk, as well as being suitable all year round, goes perfectly with any greedy moment of the day. It is ideal for breakfast or as a snack and excellent as a dessert after a meal, accompanied by ice cream or classic creams such as custard or Chantilly cream.


Soft wheat flour type "00", butter, water, sugar, eggs, honey, wheat sourdough , milk powder, orange paste, vanilla, salt, flavorings. Glazing: Sugar, rice flour, egg white, apricot almonds, vegetable fat, flavorings, sugar grains.


Energy 1615 kJ 385 kcal Fats 18 g of which saturated fats 9.1 g Carbohydrates 48 g of which sugars 21 g Fibers 1.5 g Proteins 7.1 g Salt 0.67 g


Our box is made with carefully selected ingredients and worked with the slow times of natural leavening that give the product greater freshness and durability. To best maintain the properties of taste and aromas, store the baked cake in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, away from light.

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