Panettone di Natale artigianale al cioccolato fondente. E-shop Giacomazzi 1968– Giacomazzi1968
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Artisanal Panettone with Dark Chocolate

900 g


Dark chocolate drops plunge into the soft and delicate dough of our 100% handcrafted Panettone, to embellish the heart of the Christmas cake par excellence. The soft and digestible soul, based on mother yeast and with more than 24 hours of leavening, is protected by an almond icing shell covered with a cascade of hazelnut grains. A traditional recipe, enhanced by the use of selected ingredients, eggs from free-range hens and honey from Italian beekeeping that give life to a golden and fragrant mixture.


The Panettone artisan with chocolate is a naturally leavened dessert for the holidays, prepared with recipes handed down for two generations in our artisan pastry shop. Served at room temperature, the Panettone with chocolate drops fully expresses its rich taste, releasing the aromas of the golden and fragrant dough. Perfect to accompany with our handcrafted pistachio or hazelnut flavored spreads.



Wheat flour type "00", butter, water, sugar, eggs, honey, wheat sourdough, powdered milk, vanilla, salt. Filling: Chocolate drops 22% dark 39.1% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor). Glazing: Sugar, rice flour, egg white, apricot almonds, vegetable fat, chopped hazelnuts, flavorings.


Energy 1628 kJ 415 kcal Fats 20 g of which saturated fats 10 g Carbohydrates 51 g of which sugars 27g Fibers 2.3 g Proteins 6.6 g Salt 0.56 g


The mother yeast contained within our Venetian artisan offers greater freshness and durability. To better maintain the taste and aroma properties of this Christmas chocolate cake, keep the traditional dessert in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, away from light.

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