Shipment– Giacomazzi1968


1. Terms of delivery

All shipments will be accompanied by the compulsory documentation accompanying and identifying the goods (invoice and/or transport document) and any attachments required by the regulations and foreign countries of destination.

The shipping costs will be indicated at the end of the order and will appear at the time of confirmation of the shopping cart.

Giacomazzi Srl assumes no responsibility for disruptions due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and/ or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevented, in whole or in part, to execute in the time agreed upon in the contract.

The delivery timing is indicated by providing the tracking number, direct link to the courier website for real-time verification of the shipment.

Shipments take place in Italy and Europe with the exception of:

San Marino


Campione d'Italia

United Kingdom


1.2. Shipment insurance

Giacomazzi Srl guarantees the selection of the "insured shipment" option from damage or theft on all shipments, in the cart > information > shipments

The shipping insurance is valid from the warehouse of the manufacturer/ distributor to the delivery address indicated in the order.

1.3. Complaints
For any anomalies found on the Products, other than those due to the physiological deterioration of food products or the mere imperfection of the packaging, the User may contact the Company at e-mail or through the section "Contact us" of the Website, specifying the defects found and documenting them with photographic material.

1.4. Failure to deliver

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that in case of impossibility of delivery of the Products because of his-her (or the person in charge of receiving the expense) failure to be present at the time of delivery on the day and in the agreed time slot, the Products will not be cancelled from the order and the related amount will not be credited to the Customer.

1.5. Liability

The Company undertakes to perform the Services in good faith and to perform, or to ensure that they are fulfilled, with the utmost diligence, all the obligations established there in the spirit of solidarity and self-organization that characterizes and must characterize all the activity and services offered and used by the Users through the Website.

The Company will not be responsible for any delays that occur during transport.