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200 g

The sbrisolona cake is a rustic dessert with a rich flavor based on light and dark almonds which, due to the high friability of the pastry, is not cut into slices but broken with the hands. The mix of 100% Italian wheat flour and stone ground wheat releases sweet sensory notes, making it unmistakable to the taste.


The sbrisolona cake is excellent for breakfast or for a delicious snack together with a cup of tea. Also delicious as a dessert alone or accompanied by ice cream or classic creams such as custard or Chantilly cream. All our cakes are 100% artisanal and are packaged fresh. To ensure the freshness and unique taste of our product, the cake will be shipped the same day of production.


Wholemeal soft wheat flour, type "0" soft wheat flour, malted soft wheat flour, dried wheat mother yeast, sugar, butter, whole eggs, almonds, vanilla, flavorings.


Energy 2288 kJ 549 kcal Fats 36 g of which saturated fats 13 g Carbohydrates 44 g of which sugars 20 g Fibers 4.7 g Proteins 10 g Salt 0.02 g


Our sbrisolona is made with 100% Italian wheat flour and carefully selected ingredients. To maintain sweetness and friability, store in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources, away from light.

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