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Pura Vita Bread

270 g


Pura vita is a naturally healthy and tasty bread. The grains we normally consume are "dormant", waiting to grow and give life to a plant. In the germination process, however, important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are released. In Pura Vita there are only germinated grains which increase the quantity of amino acids which make the bread richer in proteins than the common wholemeal bread. The presence of sourdough, seeds and honey allows the salt content to be reduced without altering the unique taste of the bread.


This super light and healthy recipe was born from the continuous experimentations of our laboratory, with a rustic flavor, a soft heart and a fragrant crust.

Enjoying a nice slice of bread has never been so pleasant… By choosing Pura Vita you won't have any sense of guilt!


Water, flours (wheat, germinated brown rice, barley, rye, malted barley) germinated seeds (chickpeas, sunflower, oats), natural yeast powder (wheat), seeds (sunflower, flax), wheat gluten, toasted wheat bran , flakes (malted wheat, oats), honey powder, salt, sugar, yeast.)


Energia 1137 kJ 272 kcal Grassi  5,3 g di cui grassi saturi 0,7 g Carboidrati 39,3 g di cui zuccheri 3,9 g Fibre 4,6 g Proteine 14,3 g Sale 1,24 g


Buy Pura Vita and receive it at home, as freshly made. The 100% artisanal production, the delight of the raw materials make this bread tasty and crumbly. To preserve taste and consistency, store in a cool, dry place inside its closed bag, away from heat sources, protected from light. The bread is sent the same day of production, to guarantee a product that is always fresh and to keep its properties intact.

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