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Artisanal Colomba without Candied Fruit

900 g


For lovers of delicate flavors we have created the natural artisan colomba, the typical dessert of the Easter tradition revisited in a light key. Naturally leavened for over 24 hours, the recipe gives the Easter colomba without candied fruit or raisins a sweet taste and a soft consistency. The crunchy coating of almond icing and sugar grains combines with the delicately scented notes of the 100% artisan dough. Our traditional recipe uses eggs from free-range hens and honey from exclusively Italian beekeeping, to guarantee a golden and fragrant mixture.


The natural Colomba without candied fruit and raisins is a light pleasure, naturally leavened following the traditional recipe of our pastry. To enhance the natural and fragrant aromas of its dough, we suggest serving it at room temperature. Thanks to its genuine taste, it is perfect in combination with spreadable or homemade creams, such as custard or Chantilly cream,for a delicious snack, or combined with artisan jams or a delicate flavor ice cream.


Soft Wheat flour type "00", Butter, water, sugar, Eggs, honey, Wheat mother yeast, whole Milk, orange paste, vanilla, salt, mono and diglycerides. Glazing: Sugar, rice flour, Egg white, apricot Almonds, vegetable fat, flavorings, sugar grains.


Energy 1615 kJ 385 kcal Fats 18 g of which saturated fats 9.1g Carbohydrates 48g of which sugars 21 g Fibers 1.5 g Proteins 7.1 g Salt 0.67 g


The mother yeast contained within our artisanal Easter colomba offers greater freshness and durability. To best maintain the taste and aroma properties of the natural colomba, keep the traditional dessert in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, away from light.

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